Evafizz is the brainchild of Vishwajeet Khemnar who comes with wide experience in the pharmaceutical domain, and who is a health buff himself. He holds a Bachelor’s in Pharmacy and is MBA Graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. After nearly a decade’s experience in working in Regulated and Emerging markets across continents, the evolution of Evafizz was easy for him. The blend of rich experience and passion, combined with a hope to make specialized healthcare available to local masses has helped Evafizz take its shape. Evafizz effervescent multivitamin tablets are designed with the sole aim of improving the lives of people, keeping health at the forefront of this ever-busy lifestyle. What’s more, deliciousness and healthcare has seldom tasted better! Suitable for people of all age groups and gender, Evafizz effervescent multivitamins offer sugar-free, USFDA approved health drinks to be incorporated into your everyday routine. We take pride in offering you your dose of everyday energy with effortless ease. We strive to live up to our commitment to improve health and life across the globe, with a strategy that focuses on the innovation of nutrition, at the same time on development of products that are in the pipeline.


Our health drinks are gluten and sugar-free, non-GMO, and in a bioavailable form, making them ideal for all age groups and gender. Our Calcium, Iron, Vitamin and Ashwagandha enriched drinks are effective, effervescent supplements aiding through pregnancy and menstruation, whilst for teenagers & the elderly, it helps for stronger bones, and are easy to swallow and digest. Our products are not limited to only certain benefits for certain people, but extends across to men and sports enthusiasts too, benefiting their nutritional and lifestyle changes.


From multi-tasking women, pregnant and menopausal, to adventure loving kids, men and the elderly, Calor inspires wellness and a healthy routine through mind and body in this fast-paced lifestyle. Calor products are imbued with the goodness of essential nutrients, making it an easy source of everyday energy and increasing one’s immunity. Our curated range of products targets complete well-being with nutritious health drinks. The refreshing flavors of our drinks make it easy to incorporate them in your daily life, guaranteeing long term effects.